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Patrick McManigal
President, Consultant, Private Investigator, Expert Witness

Patrick McManigal is President and founder of Advanced Surveillance Group, Inc. (ASG).  Before starting ASG in 2005, Patrick spent time in the U.S. Army as a Military Policeman and studied criminal justice prior to becoming a licensed private investigator in 1990. 


He has held licenses in the states of Arizona, Washington, Illinois, Iowa, Missouri and Wisconsin and is well known as one of the top surveillance investigators in the industry. Patrick has performed surveillance investigations for insurance companies, law firms and third party administrators for over two decades and has extensive court room testimony experience.


Mission Statement

At ASG, it is our mission to exceed the expectations of our clients, partners and fellow employees by providing reliable, superior, and truthful investigations. We will do this by providing the finest service and value in the private investigations profession through excellence, diligence, truthfulness, accuracy, and the highest degree of integrity. 


Our Wisconsin Home Base

ASG’s local Wisconsin presence allows us to provide superior, reliable and quicker services to our Wisconsin clients.  We have the ability to hand deliver video evidence, schedule rush assignments and maintain last minute requests. ASG is currently licensed in the states of Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois and Missouri.

Investigator Equipment Photo


ASG strives to maintain a dedicated and hardworking team of experienced investigators, managers and office staff.  ASG has several seasoned investigators with military, criminal justice and security backgrounds.  Because of this, we have been able to establish an outstanding record for obtaining video evidence during investigations.  ASG has also been successful in completing surveillance, activity checks, backgrounds, social media checks, recorded statements, neighborhood canvasses and medical canvasses for numerous clients and companies. The insurance and workers compensation industry continues to be an area of expertise for ASG. 

State-of-The-Art Surveillance Equipment & Techniques

Our investigative staff uses equipment including, but not limited to, digital video cameras, DVR cameras, audio recorders, tape recorders, covert cameras, cell phones, camouflage gear and tripods.  Our investigators have access to the internet while they are in the field with downloading and uploading capabilities.  Activity is reported back to the adjuster via phone and written updates from the management staff, and periodically the investigator assigned to the file.

Fully Licensed, Certified & Insured

ASG is a member of the Professional Association of Wisconsin Licensed Investigators, the Milwaukee Insurance Adjusters Association, and is fully licensed and insured to do business.  If you have a need we can fulfill, please allow us the opportunity to show you the merits of our service.  A detailed price sheet and information packet is available upon request.


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