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Advanced Surveillance Group, Inc. is a full service investigation firm specializing in all aspects of insurance defense investigations.  We are experienced in investigating worker’s compensation fraud, high risk terminations, FMLA and medical leave abuse and other liability claims.  

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ASG conducts in-depth investigations and covert surveillance operations with a focus on providing you with the evidence needed to proceed in a timely manner. Surveillance is conducted over an extended period of time in which we will document all activities and places visited by the subject and obtain video evidence.​

  • You will receive daily verbal and written updates.

  • A detailed time entry investigative report will be provided.

  • Copies of the evidence obtained will be mailed to you in DVD format and video links are provided upon request. 

  • We are experienced in courtroom testimony.


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Assign your surveillance case to ASG and we will go to work for you immediately!  Our background department begins with research and information gathering.  If a current background report has not been submitted with the case request, it will be obtained through ASG and forwarded to the client along with a social media report, all included in the hourly surveillance rate.

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With the rise of social media, it’s no surprise that exploring the deep web and using this information could be valuable for your next claim. The ASG Cyber Sleuth Report is an all-inclusive background report with a focus on social media, in conjunction with the nationwide background information available to us utilizing state of the art social media searching techniques and numerous computerized databases. Performed by McAfee Certified Social Media Intelligence Experts, this report is your all-inclusive background investigation solution.


In 2018, ASG staff became Certified Social Media Intelligent Experts through the most recognized nationally accredited training organization, The McAfee Institute. This 200-hour course is designed to help investigators and law enforcement gain the knowledge and skills to conduct effective online investigations in a timely and accurate manner.  We have learned many tricks and insights to utilize in our social media and online investigations and we are excited to share this knowledge with you while investigating your next claim through the deep wide web.


ASG obtains recorded statements and interviews with injured workers and witnesses.

  • All statements are recorded and can be transcribed for easy reading.  

  • We are trained to investigate and document accident scenes.  

  • Receive a thorough written summary of the statement along with any medical records release forms. 

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ASG conducts AOE/COE Investigations (Arising Out of Employment / Course of Employment) to determine the facts surrounding an alleged work related injury. Our investigators will also take pictures, review documents, and conduct background research, all in an effort to determine if the injury was work related or whether it was affected by another party or situation.


ASG offers Legal Paper Services, Filing and Skip Tracing Services. We can serve papers for collections, custody matters, criminal and civil filings, divorces, foreclosures, claims and many more court documents.  


ASG will canvass medical and other requested facilities in a specific geographically measured area in an attempt to uncover hidden prior medical treatment.  

  • Choose the facility categories you would like canvassed and a selected mile radius of the claimant’s present and/or previous address(es).

  • Find pre-existing conditions not reported, determine a history of claims and assess whether the reported injury occurred outside the course of employment.

  • Receive a final report with our findings and contact information you can use to obtain medical records with a valid medical authorization form.

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ASG uses comprehensive private and public databases to gather accurate and up to date information on a subject. Services included:

  • Last Known Addresses

  • Asset Checks

  • Marriage/Divorce Records

  • Traffic Violations

  • Professional Licenses

  • Possible Relatives

  • Possible Neighbors

  • Sex Offender Status

  • Civil history

  • Vehicle Records

  • Nationwide Criminal History

  • Property Records

  • Aliases

  • UCC filings, Bankruptcies, Liens and Judgments

  • Utilize our Advanced Background Investigation for cases in which you are trying to determine how surveillance could be beneficial. This service consists of a standard background investigation, one hour spot check, and a strategic action plan with a written pre-surveillance report summarizing our findings.  Our one hour spot check includes a full on-site inspection of the residence and neighborhood and an assessment of potential outside activity.

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Searching the social web has become an essential part of any investigation. ASG includes a social media investigation with all surveillance assignments and provides individual reports by request. 

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Advanced Surveillance Group, Inc. utilizes an extensive nationwide database and DMV accounts, which allows us to search motor vehicle records in most states to determine the registered owner of a vehicle, the address of the registered owner, the license plate number of the vehicle, the date the vehicle was purchased and/or titled and, in some cases, the prior owner and current lien holder.


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